Spring Medicare Meeting

March 12, 2020 - 6:30 pm

Can You Answer These Questions?

  • How much will Medicare cost me?
  • What are Medicare parts A, B, C and D? Do I need all 4?
  • What are the differences between Medigap and Medicare Advantage policies?
  • What are the differences between HOPs and the Advantra plan?
  • How does Medicare prescription drug coverage work?
  • What is HOPs and what plans does it offer?
  • What is the District’s plan for health care beyond 65?
  • What happened to coverage with the UPMC/Highmark split?
  • What is a “doughnut hole”?
  • What are the critical enrollment times and penalties if I miss them?
  • What agencies would help me or a family member with all of this?

These and more will be covered in this seminar. Bring paper, pencil or laptop/kindle/ipad

When:             Thursday, March 12, 2020 – 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Where:            Ponce Room Baierl Center NASH
Who:               NA Retired – Spouses are also invited

You should come if:

  • You want to learn what is ahead for you or a family member
  • You are nearing 65 and will soon need to make decisions
  • You have reached the magical 65 and want to share personal experiences with your plan
  • You have attended a previous seminar and want to hear the info again.

Note: You must RSVP to guarantee your spot at the seminar.  When you reply, feel free to include specific questions or topics you would like addressed. www.naretired.org