Frequently Asked Retirement Questions

What support does NA Retired provide to in-service NA members contemplating retirement?

The District and NA Retired complement each other in counseling prospective retirees regarding health care options, PSERs forms, and any other areas active members need help with.

Interested individuals or building groups should contact our email or watch for an announcement bulletin in each building mailroom in the Fall for the date NAR schedules a retirement counseling seminar.

How much is membership, when is it due, and what if I retire in January?

For an NA retired employee, initial NAR membership requires $20 dues for first time membership. Dues for each year are established by the Executive Committee. For years 2018-2020 a two year dues structure of $20 was collected in late spring.

If an eligible January retiree joins, there is a $20 first time dues which lasts approximately 1.5 years until the following spring meeting.

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I am a retired NA teacher or paraprofessional and want to substitute – what must I do?

You risk your pension being suspended should you sub in any PA public school, barring a bona fide emergency situation that each district must certify with the State.

The following forms are required:
Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check (Act 34) fee required
Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151) fee required
Federal Criminal History Record Information (fingerprints) fee required

To obtain these forms:

Amber Benonson at NA coordinates, and her contact is either 412-369-5437 or 200 Hillview Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 to find out how to obtain these forms.

Even if you worked at NA your whole life, there is no allowance or exception from the above forms since you are no longer an employee of the District.
Your clearances are only valid for a set number of years and then have to be updated.
Ask Amber for details.

The following information is accurate as of FALL 2014

PSERs came out again in late spring warning retirees that their individual pensions are in danger should they substitute.

Here is what we have from PSERs:
“Every day the School District and the sub service need to reach every non annuitant before asking an annuitant to sub that day. In that case, it is an emergency, as needed situation. The emergency or needed situations can last a day (or longer) as long as the SD is going through the process of non annuitants then annuitants.”

Human Resources of NA affirms that if the District cannot get a non annuitant sub, it will certify that an emergency exists and if you agree to sub, apparently you will be covered. You, then, need to make sure you are fully qualified with the sub service, have all your clearances and your child abuse documentation, and perhaps even contact the individual NA schools to alert them that you can be called upon to substitute.

Human Resources further suggests that in AESOP, you declare “NA ONLY” to get more NA jobs.

Contact Human Resources at NA 412-366-2100.

Are taxes deducted automatically from my Social Security benefits?
Social Security benefits are considered income and are taxed. Your PSERs pension along with your Social Security might place you in a higher income bracket.

When you apply for Social Security, consider completing the necessary paperwork for a withholding that will satisfy income tax; doing this will prevent a shock at the April deadline.

What are the chances of the legislature granting us a COLA (Cost of Living Allowance)?
NAR’s discussions with previous and current state legislators portrays a difficult task for the legislature to vote for a COLA given the current fiscal nature of PSERS and the current political climate in Harrisburg. The bleak side of the COLA was balanced by the somewhat realistic view that current retirees would Not be adversely affected by any proposed changes in the pension system.

We are retired, persistent, and represent a strong voting block so we will not give up on a COLA for retirees who have not seen a Cost of Living since early in this decade.